Application in the DoSV

In the dialogue-oriented service procedure you may apply for up to twelve choices of study (combination of course of study and higher education institution). Please note that fewer applications may be allowed per higher education institution. This is subject to the law of the respective German state and the law of higher education. 

Courses of study that do not participate in the dialogue-oriented service procedure do not count.

What does a possible application look like?

The application process using the dialogue-oriented service procedure is described with the help of four examples. The examples below depict various applications from the applicant's point of view:

Example 1: Accepting an offer

Applicant Max applies in the application phase for three courses of study at three higher education institutions. In the coordination phase 1 he receives offers for all three places. Max accepts the course of his preference. The other offers will be deleted automatically.

Detailed explanation Acceptance of an offer

Example 2: Waiting for a preferred offer

Applicant Monika applies, in the application phase, for twelve courses of study. In the coordination phase 1 she receives three offers to courses of study. The course of study that she would most prefer is not one of the three. For this reason applicant Monika decides to set priorities, according to her preferences, for her applications, in the decision phase. The course of study that Monika would most like to have is at the top of the priority list. She has not, up to now, received an offer for one of the first three places on her list. In the coordination phase 2 Monika has the option of waiting to see whether, due to places being freed by other applicants, she does get an offer for a course of study more suited to her wishes (places one to three on her prority list). The highest offer is for a course that is in place four on Monika's priority list. This place is reserved for her.

Monika will be removed from the ranking lists of all the other lower courses of study (all the courses in the places five to twelve of the priority list). If she does not get an offer to one of the courses in the positions one to three in the priority she can fall back on the reserved offer (place 4).

Detailed explanation Waiting for a preferred offer

Example 3: No place of study

Applicant Ralf applies for eight courses of study in the application phase. He does not receive any offers in the coordination phase 1. Even after setting priorities for his chosen courses in the decision phase, Ralf still is not offered a place in the coordination phase 2. He has the chance of a place by participating in the draw which is part of the clearing procedure.

Detailed explanation No place of study

Example 4: Only participation in the clearing procedure

Applicant Ina has not made an application in the application phase. Even so she has the possibility of winning a place of study by participating in the draw which is part of the clearing procedure.

Detailed explanation Only participation in the clearing procedure

Note for reapplicants: 

Please do not register again but use your already existing user account for your new applications instead. By registering more than once, the account you created first including any and all applications connected therewith will be deleted irrevocably and the email address used in connection to this account will be blocked for 12 months! Your user account stays available after the technical closure of the procedure despite of its inactivity for one year at least. Please see our data protection declaration for further information in this regard. 

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