Key dates concerning the phases in the DoSV

The dialogue-oriented service procedure consists of four phases each with its own periods and deadlines that have to be respected. At the end of this procedure two so-called clearing procedures take place. In the clearing procedure places that have not been, up to that point, allocated are distributed.

The higher education institutions can, independent of this clearing procedure, offer their own procedures for moving up the ladder and drawing lots. Please ask for the application deadlines for these procedures directly at the higher education institution.

* The higher education institutions have the opportunity within this period of time to specify a shorter, individual application phase, i.e. it may occur that it is only possible for winter term to apply after the 15th of October, or that the application for a specific course of study has to be initiated before the 15th of April. Information on the definitive period of time for application for your desired course of study may be received directly in the application portal.

Please observe that the legally binding information about deadlines for applicants who attained their higher education entrance qualification in a previous year (Alt-Abiturienten), the participating courses and deadlines are to be found on the web site of the higher education institution itself.

Winter term 2019/20

Application phase (15/4 - 15/7/2019)*

  • Opening date: 15/4/2019, 00:01
  • Closing date: 15/7/2019, 24:00

Coordination phase 1 (16/7 - 15/8/2019)

  • Opening date: 16/7/2019, 00:01
  • Closing date: 15/8/2019, 24:00
  • During this phase you may receive offers.

Decision phase (16/8 - 18/2/2019)

  • Opening date: 16/8/2019, 00:01
  • Closing date: 18/8/2019, 24:00 After this it is no longer possible to change the priorities of the chosen courses or to accept offers that were received in coordination phase 1.

Coordination phase 2 (19/8 - 24/8/2019)

  • On 19/8 and on 21/8 offers will be determined (the application portal is not accessible meanwhile), and on 20/8 and on 22/8 applicants can accept these offers.
  • On 23/8 the final results will be determined (the application portal is not accessible meanwhile). In the course of 23/8, on 24/8 at the latest, you will automatically receive an admission to your highest possible application.
  • Submission of notifications of rejection: 27/8/2019

Clearing procedure 1 (29/8 - 3/9/2018)

  • Application opening date: 29/8/2019, 00:01
  • Application deadline: 3/9/2019, 24:00
  • Drawing lots date: 4/9/2019 (Results shown online afterwards)
  • Submission of notifications of admission: 6/9/2019

Clearing procedure 2 ( 23/9 - 28/9/2019)

  • Application opening date: 23/9/2019, 00:01
  • Application deadline: 28/9/2019, 24:00
  • Drawing lots date: 29/9/2019 (Results shown online afterwards)
  • Submission of notifications of admission: 01/10/2019

Studying in the German states ("Bundesländer")