Prioritization & Status

Subsequent to the initiation of your applications there are various options at your disposal in the application portal to monitor and manage the further progress of the applications.

Setting priorities

You can also set the priorities of chosen courses of study in your user account under the application portal of Setting the priorities means ordering your chosen courses of study according to your own preferences.

This setting of priorities is important so that, in the coordination phase 2, can offer the places of study in preferential order. It is recommended to set the priorities as early as possible. If you haven't set the priorities before the end of the decision phase the applications will be ordered in the application portal of according to their submission date. This means that first submitted application will have the highest priority.

Please note that the topic “Prioritization” plays a special role in the interaction between admission-restricted and admission-free courses of study: For admission-free courses of study an offer will usually be made because the number of available places of study generally exceeds the number of applications. These offers will have the effect that in the subsequent coordination phase 2 lower prioritized wishes concerning an admission-restricted course of study automatically will not be considered in any case. So you should be sure when you prioritize wishes concerning admission-free courses of study higher or rely on the automatic prioritization based on the entry date without further action.

In an information sheet we have compiled further background information about admission-free courses of study for you.

If you have only submitted one application in the dialogue-oriented service procedure, it has automatically the priority one and there is no need to set the priority manually.

The higher education institutions are not informed of the priorities set by the applicants. Your chances of admission will not be influenced by the priority setting. It is possible to set the priorities of your chosen courses of study beginning with the start of the application phase and finishing with the end of the decision phase.

Current applications

You may have displayed your submitted applications under "My applications" in your user account. In your own interest, you should check these applications on a regular basis. In case you have applied to a higher education institution and your application is not displayed in your user account immediately under "My applications", please be patient. Data synchronization between the higher education institution and may take a few days in individual cases.

Please note that only those applications taking part in the dialogue-oriented service procedure (higher education institution and course of study) are displayed. 

Application status

For each application you are shown the current application status such as „received“, „valid“, or „offer not currently possible“.

The status „offer not currently possible“ means, for example, that all the offers available have been offered to other applicants. This status is temporary and it is no final rejection.

In case you cannot find your application in the portal, your application details maybe have not yet been transmitted to us by the higher education institution within the framework of the decentral application. In this case we kindly ask you to have a bit more patience.

Activity status

In case you have indicated more than twelve choices of study, the activity status shows you which applications actively take part in the procedure. Any applications in excess are marked as inactive as they may not take part in the procedure.

If you want one of your choices of study marked as inactive to actively take part in the procedure, please withdraw an active application. In doing so, another application rises in rank. Only in this way you may change the status of an inactive application to active. For summer term 2019 this is possible until 23/01/2019, 24:00.

Admission offers

Under „My applications“, you are made offers in your user account. You may directly accept an offer or continue to wait. In case you decide to accept the offer, you receive an admission and afterwards withdraw from the further procedure with regard to any other applications you have made in DoSV. Please note that the procedure is then closed for you and no further admission offers will be made.


As soon as a decision has been made you receive respective notifications. This will be pointed out to you in the application portal. Which kinds of notifications exist, you can find under Provision of notifications

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