Information on the HZB

Indicating a higher education entrance qualification (Hochschulzulassungsberechtigung, HZB) is mandatory for any applicant that is submitting a central application. If you have not yet received your higher education entrance qualification and do not yet know your average grade but already want to submit an application, please enter the value of 9,9 into the data field provided for the average grade. As soon as you know your actual average grade, please change the value indicated in the course of the application phase.

Please note that it may become necessary to submit documents to the higher education institution again in order to reconfirm your electronic data. The respective higher education institution will be pleased to give you further information.

Please note additionally, that you may enter more than one higher education entrance qualification (for example, if you have achieved various higher education entrance qualifications with regard to various German states as a person being professionally qualified).

As soon as a HZB is recorded in the application portal, a unique higher education entrance qualification ID (HZB-ID) is generated concerning this qualification. If you have achieved more than one HZB, each recorded HZB will be assigned its own HZB-ID.

You have to enter further information for each individual application, as needed. In case this is of relevance for your desired course of study, you specify half-year grades or periods of internships in the application portal, for example. 

Making changes to your data

You may call up your personal data, such as your address, under “My data” in the application portal and amend it there at the same time. The HZB is a cross-higher education institution (“fix”) part of the application that has to be entered only once and may afterwards be used more than one time. Such a fix part of the application may be changed or deleted, however, only during the application phase and only if it has not yet been used in a former allocation procedure and has not yet been assigned to any application!  

Please note that changing the HZB will have an effect on any of your applications it has been assigned to. Please absolutely ensure you have entered any information regarding the HZB (grade, date, etc.) correctly as otherwise you might miss the opportunity to get a place in higher education in the respective term!  

Changes to your personal password or the display language may be made at any time under “User account“.

Please note that the entry masks displayed within the frame of the central application are defined by the respective higher education institution. In case you should have any queries regarding the entry fields, please contact the respective higher education institution directly.

Studying in the German states ("Bundesländer")